When we vote in elections for President and Senate, we are also voting for judges and Supreme Court Justices who will decide our rights and freedoms for decades. Republicans have long understood this and have steadily consolidated power in the federal courts with the help of billionaire funding, and the Federalist Society. Unfortunately, we now have a 6-3 ultra-right wing majority (instead of an 8-1 liberal majority) on the Supreme Court because not enough people voted for Democrats in 2000 and 2016.


The threat of the current Supreme Court’s extremism to our fundamental rights was evident in their recent rulings.  The Court ruled that states can regulate abortion but not firearms; the EPA does not have the authority to protect the environment; police officers can overlook citizens Miranda Rights; state legislatures have control over Tribal lands; and the separation of church and state is nothing more than words. Fortunately, the majority of cases never make it to the Supreme Court, and the federal appellate and district courts are America’s best firewall which is why Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and President Biden have worked incredibly hard to get a record-breaking 84 judges confirmed.


What Have the Biden-Harris Administration and Dems Done?


  • Appointed and confirmed Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Justice Brown Jackson is the first Black woman confirmed to the Supreme Court.
  • Appointed and confirmed a record-breaking 84 of the most diverse and qualified federal judges. Over 65% of the judges are BIPOC and over 70% of the judges are women.
    • Note: We will need to hold the Senate to appoint any more judges. If we lose the Senate, Republicans have said they will block every judicial appointment.