January 6th Investigation and Prosecution

The DOJ and January 6th Committee investigations have revealed Trump and his co-conspirators’ ongoing efforts to overthrow our elections and take away our freedoms. It is also clear that Republican leaders knew and/or were involved from the start. They aided and abetted a dangerous president, spread false claims about the election, promoted a violent attack on our country, and then begged for presidential pardons. These MAGA Republicans – in office and running for office in the 2022 midterms – have known all along that Trump betrayed the American people and they have consistently and unapologetically sided with him over our country – even when it was discovered that he stole highly classified documents from the White House.


What Have the DOJ and the January 6th Congressional Committee done?


  • January 6th Committee investigation hearings were a huge success with more bombshells to come. People said no one would watch the hearings and even if they did, it wouldn’t make a difference. Yet, a whopping 20M watched the first prime-time hearing and 18M tuned in for the final prime-time hearing and opinions have shifted. (Note: The 1/6 Committee announced that the next hearing will take place on September 28, 2022.) The previous 1/6 hearings can be watched on Youtube here.
  • The 1/6 Hearings brought home to Americans what is at stake. In April 2022, only 20% of people reported following the 1/6 hearings closely. In July 2022, 60% of people reported following the 1/6 hearings closely. Polls have also shown that a majority of voters support the investigation and more than two-thirds of voters say they would not vote for anyone who supported and encouraged the January 6th attack.
  • Why hasn’t Trump been indicted yet:
      • Grand juries take time. The federal government is required to use a grand jury to indict. The process typically takes 18-36 months for that jury to indict and largely works in secret. Pence’s chief of staff testified before a grand jury and the DOJ has issued numerous subpoenas.
      • Due process. Due process requires that we follow the laws and rules even for people we don’t like or who do bad things. Due process is intended to ensure that the law is applied fairly. (Yes, we know that it’s “more fair” if you’re a white, rich man, but still.) We have laws and the law does not move in Twitter time or in response to pundits who have NO skin in the game. This is not a DUI.
      • Burden of proof is high. DOJ has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that each person is guilty. This is a high bar – for good reason. And if you want a conviction, it requires an airtight case. This is the largest criminal conspiracy ever to overthrow our government by a sitting president and involves every branch of our government including sitting Members of Congress and the wife of a sitting Supreme Court Justice. It’s not just about Trump – it’s also about every person who participated in the conspiracy. Just because it looks like an airtight case to us, doesn’t mean it will to a judge or jury (remember that the majority of Republicans think Trump is innocent and they serve on juries too.) It’s gonna take time and these cases are actually moving very fast.
  • Charges brought. Since the January 6th investigations began by the Congressional January 6th Committee, DOJ and GA’s Fulton County DA:
      •  Over 915 people have been charged and over 390 have pleaded guilty, multiple grand juries impaneled, evidence gathered and subpoenas issued.  (You can track charges here.)
      • 11 Oath Keepers and 5 Proud Boys have been indicted by the DOJ for seditious conspiracy and other crimes. 
      • Steve Bannon was found guilty on two federal charges of Contempt of Congress for refusing to appear for a deposition and refusing to produce documents to the January 6th Committee. The conviction carries a mandatory prison sentence; the sentencing hearing is scheduled for October 2022.
  • Trials won. As of September 2022, there have been 23 trials of insurrectionists and all but one have resulted in convictions. Over 270 defendants have been sentenced.
  • Cooperating defendants. Eliciting the cooperation of major players in a criminal conspiracy is key. Multiple Oath Keepers have pleaded guilty and are cooperating with the DOJ. High-ranking Proud Boy Charles Donohoe pleaded guilty to conspiracy and agreed to testify in any and all 1/6 cases.
  • DOJ is investigating Trump. Hopefully by now, everyone understands that the DOJ is absolutely, unequivocally investigating Trump. AG Garland has said as much, as has his Deputy AG Lisa Monaco. And just look at the investigation and results.
  • For Updates: Highly recommend following Scott MacFarlane (CBS), Teri Kanefield and Mueller She Wrote.