When Trump left office in 2021, millions of Americans had been diagnosed with COVID-19, and over 350,000 Americans had died of COVID.  In addition, only 4% of the population was vaccinated; many had not seen their family and friends in person in nearly a year; COVID-testing and K-95 masks were still difficult to get; and home tests were neither affordable nor readily available. Even before assuming office, the Biden-Harris Administration made getting COVID under control the number one priority and assembled a team of experts and actions. Today, 70% of Americans are vaccinated; deaths have dropped 86%; COVID vaccines, home tests from the federal government are free and readily available; and though COVID continues, life has resumed normalcy with people traveling, going to work and in school.


What Have the Biden-Harris Administration and Dems Done?


  • Invoked the Defense Production Act to expedite the production and delivery of COVID tests, PPE, and vaccines to Americans.
  • Provided over 200M vaccinations within the first 100 days of the Biden Administration.
  • Reopened 99% of American public schools for in-person learning. When Biden took office, only 46% were open.
  • Reduced the number of COVID-19 deaths by 86%.
  • Provided 400M N95 masks to Americans for free.
  • Launched 20K free federal testing sites in all parts of the US.
  • Mailed over 1B at-home tests to Americans after FDA approval.
  • Donated over 1.1B Covid vaccine doses internationally.
  • Rejoined the World Health Organization (WHO) after Trump withdrew the US.
  • Provided resources for schools to have one on-site COVID testing site in 2022 through the American Rescue Plan (ARP).
  • As of July 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration continues to provide action plans to address COVID variants.
  • As of August 2022, the Administration is helping schools plan and implement indoor air quality improvements, including through use of federal funds in 2022. Schools can use funding provided via ARP to improve ventilation in schools by making inspections, repairs, upgrades, and replacements in HVAC systems; purchasing and installing air conditioners, fans, portable air cleaners, and germicidal UV light systems; repairing windows, doors, and dampers that let fresh air into school buildings; and more.
  • This fall, the Administration is providing 171M COVID-19 vaccine doses formulated to fight omicron as part of a $5B effort to contain the impact of the highly contagious variant.